performative stop-motion based participatory spatial interventions


What is insitu ani·motion?

insitu ani·motion is an artistic method for creating collective video interventions in public and other spaces

Insitu ani·motion is a method for creating performative participatory interventions in public space by means of collective video making. Based on a closed circuit video installation, insitu ani·motion enables simultaneous making and screening of a collectively created stop motion animation film. Blending different phases of the production process, this method transforms how both medium and space are used and appropriated.

Why insitu ani·motion?

Insitu ani·motion is an attempt to create a sharable tool that allows participants to playfully intervene in the socio-public space and contribute to its creation.

We understand space as an outcome of a social process. Rather than being a container, the space is created by people interacting with one another. However, in our daily life, we tend to follow routines and reproduce how space is used by others. For the better part of it, we’re not aware of potentials for using space in an unprescribed way. Insitu ani·motion creates a playful irritation, inviting people to randomly encounter, share a moment and co-create space through novel experience. They do so by means of artistic expression and participation, results of which, through technical setup, become visible in space.

What can you use insitu ani·motion for?

Some concrete use cases can be:

  • Cultural Festivals
  • City-/Regional-/District- Planning
  • Group / Team Building
  • Participation Projects / Decision-Making
  • Neighborhood / Community Work
  • Education / Youth Work
  • VJ-ing / Clubbings / etc.
  • Queer thinking
  • Who is insitu ani·motion made for?

    No limitations! Designed as a DIY tool, insitu ani·motion method can be used by an open community of creators, educators, artists, social workers and activists for a variety of purposes.


    What do I need to make it work?

    Our goal is to make insitu ani·motion as accessible as possible. Therefore, the tech has to be affordable, easy-to-understand and mobile. This is why the prototype is based on a relatively affordable raspberry pi system (Linux OS).
    1. Computer

    Raspberry Pi. This is a low-cost mobile computer device (appr. 30 €) for hosting a Linux OS.

    2. Web Camera

    In case of a raspberry pi you wanna go with a pi-cam (appx. 20 €)

    3. Sreening device

    A portable beamer as projetor is highly recommended. It makes outcomes of the artistic process visible. For spatial flexibility we recommend the one which can be run by an external power bank.

    4. Software

    This you get for free! insitu ani·motion software is a JavaScript/PHP-based script running on a local server, developed by us. In the download section we provide it either as a Linux OS image where the server and script are already installed, or as a package to install on your own.

    Wanna make it yourself? Sit tight. Manual is coming soon!

    Video Wall

    Check out how it works!

    Explore the outcomes of insitu ani·motion interventions. If you participated in one or more of the sessions, you’re welcome to download the material here and use it as you like.

    Collages / documentaries

    Video Outcomes of insitu performances